About the area

Founded in the 3rd century on an islet that was not joined with the mainland until 1500 years later, Rovinj is a splendid medieval town in the region of Istria on the north-west coast of Croatia. Unspoilt, this ‘pearl of Istria’ is as yet a secret treasure of a holiday spot.

Istria ended Jules Verne’s search for unique scenery. He found in the superb landscape the setting for his novel Mathias Sandorf and led his hero through the caves and subterranean streams of Istria. Istria has been praised in the verses of Roman poets and Renaissance troubadours and from Dante to James Joyce. In his memoirs, Giacomo Girolamo Casanova describes his two visits to Istria in the pursuit of love. Almost two thousand years ago, a Roman chronicler observed that ‘In Istria, the Roman patricians feel like gods…’

The Old Town rises up out of the sparkling Adriatic and winds its way up the hill to the Church of Saint Euphemia, built in the Venetian-baroque style of the 18th century. In 1663, the Old Town was declared a cultural monument and the whole coastline of Rovinj together with twenty-two islands are now protected as part of the natural heritage. Formerly part of the Venetian Empire, Rovinj has a rich architectural history and the Venetian influence is evident.

Istria is the area for truffles, wines and olive oil. No wonder the region is often referred to as ‘the new Tuscany’.

Eating Out

There are many excellent restaurants in Rovinj; there is a strong Italian influence to the menu – with seafood a speciality.

Eating In

Just next door to the apartments you will find the Green Market with a wonderful selection of fruit and vegetables. You will also find a catch of the day at the local fish market. Foodstores, bakers and butcher are also very close to the apartments


The Croatian currency is the Kuna. Credit cards are widely accepted in restaurants and there are several “holes in the wall” for withdrawing cash.


Rovinj is a bi-lingual town – Croatian and Italian. Most people also speak German. But English is becoming much more prevalent – Sanja, our agent, is fluent in English and you will find most restaurant staff will also speak English if you are unable to translate the menu.

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